Hands-On Learning

We bring life to learning and learning to life.

Students develop a sense of place, belonging, and community connection. Through our strategic educational partnerships, we support nature-based educational experiences on our conservation farm.

Working in strategic partnership with Grayslake High School District 127, we enable collaborations across subject areas and hands-on learning to provide students with relevant, engaging and authentic educational experiences. 

On our farm learning campus, students see systems interacting and can add value and design for sustainability. Our work includes field trips, work-based learning, and internship opportunities.

Students discover, engage and get curious.

How to Get Involved

Currently, this program is exclusively offered to Grayslake District 127 High School students. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Karen Wilkes at

Program Impact

5000+ minutes of hands-on student learning

$11,000 student farm product sales

500+ pounds of food donated by students

150+ plants donated by students


Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty!

Students, educators, volunteers, and the administration work together with our farmers to hand seed and grow food seedlings for the community.