About Us

We are building skills and pathways toward land, human, and local economic health.

Healing the planet heals people.

Our Vision

Thriving Together

Thriving Together

We imagine a future when people, plants, and animals thrive together.

Community Access

Community Access

We imagine a future when communities have access to local, high quality food, public open lands and nature regardless of where they live.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

We imagine a future when people can choose holistic lifestyles and sustainable solutions to modern problems.

Our Values

  • Vibrant land and soil support diverse wildlife and vegetation.

  • Effective and efficient water and mineral cycles build healthy soil.

  • Habitats include space for wildlife and ethically raised livestock.

  • Our community is fortified by food grown here.

Our History

Liberty Prairie (formerly Liberty Prairie Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Grayslake, Illinois. Located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, our work focuses on sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship at the urban edge. 

Founded in 1994, our legacy is characterized by collaboration and ingenuity. We are a component within the Liberty Prairie Reserve, a distinctive open space sanctuary under public and private ownership. This collection of land owners shares a common goal: to preserve and restore the area’s natural and historical landscape of woodlands, wetlands, prairies, agricultural fields, and farmsteads. We play a crucial role within this patchwork collection of land owners as the only local, organic farm in the Reserve.

Our farm is located on land that was part of the traditional homelands of the Council of the Three Fires: the Odawa, Anishinabeg, and Potawatomi nations. Many other tribes—such as the Miami, Ho-Chunk, Meskwaki, and Menominee—also called this area home.