Seedling Donation Program

The Liberty Prairie Foundation recognizes the importance of local food and sustainable food systems, yet acknowledges that it can be a challenge for many people to afford fresh vegetables when faced with other expenses. The Seedling Donation Program helps close the loop between food waste and hunger in our community by providing a means for Prairie Crossing Farmers to donate unused seedlings to food pantry gardens and other community gardening efforts. Through this project we have partnered with numerous organizations growing food for vulnerable populations to strengthen the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of our community.


SEEDLING DONATION_IMPACT_editedThanks to the generosity of Prairie Wind Family Farm, the Farm Business Development Center Farmers, and the Prairie Farm Corps, thousands of seeds and seedlings are donated to area gardening efforts each season to strengthen the local food system for all in our community.

Through the years, local organizations have received tens of thousands of seeds from Prairie Crossing farmers. With these seeds, groups have been able to create flourishing, successful gardens and provide food to the vulnerable populations they serve. Local organizations that have received seed and seedling donations this year are listed in the “Partners” section.

This program is multifaceted in its impact. The organizations that receive seeds and seedlings are able to introduce people in their neighborhood to the production of food, make healthy food accessible, and instill a sense of empowerment in all who are involved. The Prairie Crossing Farmers that contribute to the program also have the opportunity to contribute to the larger sustainable food movement. The number of gardens benefiting from these seeds and seedlings continues to grow and as it does the impact of the Seedling Donation Project magnifies. Click here to read about how Green Town Waukegan utilizes the plants obtained through our seedling donation program to feed people in their community.



SEEDLING DONATION_OUTCOMES_editedThe program typically runs from the spring through the end of June. In that time, thousands of seedlings are donated to nonprofit organizations, community groups and schools in our region. Many of the seedlings find homes in food pantry gardens and at other programs dedicated to providing healthy food to those with limited access to fresh vegetables.

One of our program partners, GreenTOWN Waukegan, recently shared, “The success of GreenTOWN Waukegan is in part due to the generosity of the Liberty Prairie Foundation and the program they have with the many local farmers. Because of this program, I do not need to spend time calling nurseries asking for free plants.” As a result of the seedling donation program, GreenTown Waukegan has been able to focus its energy on its garden which produces hundreds of pounds of fresh produce for local food pantries each summer.

The Holy Family Food Pantry garden has turned gardening into a project for the entire community. The garden, which includes a number of seedlings from the Seedling Donation Program, hosts work days when the food pantry is open and produces fresh produce for those involved.


SEEDLING DONATION_PARTNERS_editedThe Liberty Prairie Foundation facilitates seedling donations to the following organizations:

Please Contact Us  if your organization would like to be added to the seedling donation email list. If you would like to lend your gardening expertise and volunteer time to these community gardening projects, please contact these organizations directly.