Prairie Farm Corps Success Stories

The Prairie Farm Corps has impacted many participants, as evidenced through personal stories, quotes, and statistics collected through pre-program and post-program survey instruments.

Personal Stories

PFC PERSONAL STORIES_GROUP SHOT_edited“Jose” is a high achieving student from a low income family. The Prairie Farm Corps opened up new doors for him by introducing him to botany, environmental studies, and sustainable agriculture. It also provided him with leadership opportunities and management experience. These Prairie Farm Corps experiences will serve “Jose” well as he navigates through college and his future career.

“Nina” speaks Spanish at home and recognizes the importance of English communication skills for her future success in this country. Although she studies English in school, she was reluctant to speak it outside of the classroom. The Prairie Farm Corps gave “Nina” experience and confidence when communicating verbally in English with her co-workers and farmers market customers.

“Joe” was not an adventurous eater or a home cook. After learning to cook with the Prairie Farm Corps, he and his father found a recipe for kale chips and made them together. “Joe” duplicated another vegetable recipe for a family meal and received rave reviews from his father. The Prairie Farm Corps introduced “Joe” to new healthy foods, and taught him to prepare those foods at home.

Note: To protect safeguard the privacy of Prairie Farm Corps youth, participants’ names have been changed.


PFC SUCCESS STORIES_QUOTES_edited“I have grown a lot through the program and learned many strategies that will help me grow in the future. Also I’ve learned many new vegetables that I didn’t know before, for example chard, kale and fennel.”

“I see this experience taking action later in life while going through my career. I see myself talking in public, taking full responsibility, and being more confident.”

“I was given more responsibility than I ever had before. I learned how to communicate more professionally with my co-workers. But best of all, I gained a sense of self-wisdom.”

“Working this summer has given me a lot of confidence in what I am capable of doing.”

“I get to harvest food from the field and cook it! What’s not to like? I embrace the opportunity to interact with the youth from the surrounding communities in teaching the basics of food safety, sanitation, and nutrition. This has proven to be a challenging, but very rewarding, experience.”


PFC_STATS_editedThe following statistics were calculated for the 2013 Prairie Farm Corps participants, based on pre-program and post-program survey instruments:

  • 100% of crew members were introduced to new vegetables and healthy whole foods.
  • 100% of crew members increased the number of vegetables they enjoyed eating.
  • 100% of crew members gained experience preparing vegetables and healthy whole foods.
  • 100% of crew members increased the number of kitchen skills they felt confident performing.
  • 100% of crew members increased the number of farm and garden skills they felt confident performing.
  • 100% of crew members identified at least some improvement in at least 13 out of 16 “people” skills.
  • 77% of crew members identified at least some improvement in all 16 “people” skills.

Note: “People” skills include job interviewing, effective communication, collaborative problem solving, attention to detail, work ethic, professionalism, customer service, public speaking, networking, teamwork, conversation skills, flexibility, integrity, positive demeanor, attentive listening, receiving and implementing critical feedback.