EnsAmble Ad-Hoc – Early Music Series

4 p.m. Sun., Mar. 8 at the Byron Colby Barn

EMS_ensambleadhoc_editedJoin EnsAmble Ad-Hoc on Mar. 8 for the fourth performance of the 13th annual Early Music Series which features highly acclaimed musicians performing music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Admission is $18 for adults and is available at the door only via cash or check (no credit cards). To inspire early appreciation for the arts, children under 16 are admitted free.

EnsAmble Ad-Hoc (Francy Acosta, soprano; José Luis Posada, lute & Baroque guitar) performs “Cantigas! Secular and Sacred Songs from Medieval Spain” featuring 13th century Iberian music, presented in Galician-Portuguese. Embark on a mesmerizing exploration of Cantigas d’Amigo and Cantigas de Santa Maria including songs of a woman longing for her boyfriend by Martín Codax, for the Virgin Mary compiled under King Alfonso X, and narrations of a miraculous river that listens to love laments.

EnsAmble Ad-Hoc was created in Bogotá, Colombia by Francy Acosta (soprano) and José Luis Posada (lute & Baroque guitar) under the guidance and support of Early Music specialist Eduardo Vargas. Interest in further knowledge to better approach the repertoires they performed brought its founders to the United States to pursue graduate studies in Early Music. The ensemble specializes in the performance of pre-classical repertoires, with special attention to Italian and Spanish music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The core duet may be joined by ad-hoc members according to the nature of each program.

EnsAmble Ad‐Hoc has performed in Bogotá, Colombia and also in the United States and Mexico. Some appearances include recitals at the Marinillla Religious Music Festival (Marinilla, Colombia), the Bloomington Early Music Festival (Bloomington, IN), the musical series of Trinity Church (Cleveland, OH), the International Festival of Women Composers (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), the cycle Música Antigua en Bogotá, and the Noveno Encuentro de la Canción Infantil (Mexico, D.F.). Francy Acosta and José Luis Posada hold undergraduate degrees in music education and graduate degrees in early music; combining their background in education, research and performance they also offer lecture-recitals, workshops and talks at universities and other educational institutions.

Incredible music and architectural beauty combine to create a unique concert experience at the Byron Colby Barn. The Byron Colby Barn is located at 1561 Jones Point Road in Grayslake, inside the Prairie Crossing conservation community. From I-94 north, exit Route 120 west, turn south at Route 45, then right at Jones Point Road. Ample free parking is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Barn. Audience members are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to share with friends during performances. Click here to learn more about the Early Music Series at the Byron Colby Barn.