Items Included in Barn Rental Fee

ITEMS INCLUDED_editedThe Byron Colby Barn is furnished with antique wooden tables and chairs, ready for your decorative touch. All furniture must remain in the Barn and be used indoors, except as noted below, and may not be moved between floors. In addition to guest seating, some of the rectangular tables can be used for the dinner buffet, head table, nametag table, and/or sweets table.

Interior space in the Byron Colby Barn measures 47′ x 35′ in the main room, 19′ x 32′ in the loft, and 16′ in diameter in the silo. While the Barn has central air conditioning/heating, the silo does not, and may not be ideal space during extreme cold and/or heat.

The following items are included in the Byron Colby Barn rental fee:

  • 15 antique wooden tables (91″ x 33″) on the main floor. Tables seat a maximum of 10 people each, though 8 is more comfortable.
  • 140 comfortable folding chairs.
  • 6 round tables (53″ in diameter) in the loft. Tables seat a maximum of 7 people each, though only 6 each using the chairs provided by the Barn.
  • 32 antique wooden chairs in the loft.
  • 3 cabaret tables that can be raised from regular to highboy height, for use inside or outside.
  • Yamaha Nippon Gakki piano
  • 3 highchairs
  • Podium
  • 2 step stools and a ladder for decorating

The Byron Colby Barn also provides free Wifi access. On the day of your event, the access code will be provided to you by the Barn Staff.

Click here for information about the Byron Colby Barn, then contact us or call 847-543-1202 to schedule a showing and inquire about availability.