Discounted Rental Proposals

The Liberty Prairie Foundation is committed to civic engagement, and occasionally makes the Byron Colby Barn available at a discounted rate to organizations holding public events aligned with our impact areas and/or the Prairie Crossing Guiding Principles.

In general, the Byron Colby Barn is available for discounted rental Monday – Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons November – March. Availability is limited, and requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Proposals for discounted rentals will be considered no earlier than 6 weeks in advance of the requested date. Please check the Barn’s availability prior to submitting your proposal.

This process is for public events only – click here for information about renting the Byron Colby Barn for your private event.

For your public event to be considered for a discounted rate, Contact Us with brief answers to the following questions.

  1. Name, website, mission, and profit/non-profit status of the organization
  2. Contact person’s email and phone number
  3. Type of event
  4. Preferred dates/times
  5. Will this event be open to the public?
  6. How is this proposed event aligned with the Liberty Prairie Foundation’s impact areas and/or Prairie Crossing Guiding Principles?
  7. Will admission be charged? If so, do you have staff/volunteer capacity to collect admission?
  8. How will you market this event? Please include all distribution channels that you will utilize (Facebook, website(s), etc.).
  9. How many people do you expect to attend?
  10. Will food and/or alcohol be served?

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, and you will be notified of our decision within 2 weeks. If your proposal is approved, the Foundation will supplement your marketing efforts which may include listing your event on our webpage and/or email newsletter(s), and/or sharing your Facebook posts. The event organizer is responsible for organizing, running, and marketing the event.

If a discounted rental is provided for your event, please include the Liberty Prairie Foundation as an event sponsor and a link to We also ask that you acknowledge the support of the Liberty Prairie Foundation during your event.