Barn Restrictions

BARN RESTRICTIONS_editedThe following restrictions safeguard the craftsmanship and reduce fire hazard at the Byron Colby Barn, and damage deposits may be forfeited if these are not followed. The Byron Colby Barn is located in the midst of the Prairie Crossing Charter School campus and Prairie Crossing neighborhood, and strives to be a good neighbor to this environmentally-focused charter school and neighborhood. We appreciate your cooperation in preserving the beauty and integrity of the Byron Colby Barn, and our relationships with our neighbors.

  • The Byron Colby Barn is a no smoking facility.
  • Smoking is allowed outdoors when the adjacent Prairie Crossing Charter School is not in session.
  • When smoking outdoors, your guests must discard cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles, in accordance with IL law as of Jan. 1, 2014.
  • Candles are allowed on the main floor only, and must be in glass holders so that flames are inside the glass.
  • Decorations suspended from the ceiling beams can be hung no higher than the lower angle beam.
  • Duct tape, clear adhesive tape, nails, staples, and tacks may not be used to hang decorations.
  • Masking tape, floral wire or fishing line may be used to hang decorations.
  • Art displayed on the walls of the Barn may not be removed.
  • No confetti or confetti-like materials may be used inside or outside the Barn, including popcorn, rice, birdseed, petals, etc.
  • No fireworks or sparklers are allowed inside or outside the Barn.
  • All windows must remain closed for the heating and cooling systems to function properly.
  • All items must be removed by the end of your event. We cannot provide overnight storage, or be responsible for items left at the Barn.
  • All alcohol must be removed by you or your bartender at the end of the event.