Natalie Absil

Production Specialist and Farm Educator

Natalie_editedNatalie joined the Liberty Prairie Foundation in 2015 as a Prairie Farm Corps crew leader and is now a Production Specialist and Farm Educator. She graduated from Northland College with a Bachelors in Sustainable Community Development and a minor in Environmental Studies, where she developed a strong interest in urban planning. She is interested in bringing the concept of how the physical design of communities often has a direct effect on quality of life and helps determine what makes a community “good” to her local area. She hopes to help her current community by putting more emphasis around local foods and bringing food to those with lack of access.

Natalie’s interest in youth education was strongly influenced by her summer spent working on a reservation in Northern Wisconsin. It was there where she discovered how serious the lack of access to local fresh food truly was. This experience pushed Natalie’s passion to educate youth on food education and she is continually inspired to empower students with the knowledge of knowing where food comes from and that anyone can grow it! Natalie hopes to strengthen public schools in her area by bringing farm fresh produce to cafeterias.

Natalie works for the Liberty Prairie Foundation in a part-time capacity. She can be reached at natalie(at) Her office is located in the Yellow Farmhouse.