Luis Cruz

Facilities and Grounds

Luis_editedLuis has worked seasonally at the Prairie Crossing Farm since 1997, and brings a lifetime of farm experience to the Liberty Prairie Foundation. Luis grew up farming his family’s land in Mexico. He was responsible for tilling the family’s twelve acres of corn, bean and squash fields with ox teams and a wooden plow. He shepherded the family’s small flock of goats and sheep through outlaying hillsides, cactus scrub and the stubble that remained after fields had been harvested. Luis’ family utilized donkeys to transport fodder from the fields to the family’s livestock corral, and manure from the corral back to the fields. Being so heavily relied upon by his family, Luis completed only two years of formal schooling.

At the Liberty Prairie Foundation, Luis is primarily responsible for facilities and grounds maintenance and the Farm Business Development Center. Prairie Crossing residents often see Luis expertly driving a tractor around the neighborhood, and are always greeted with a smile and a wave.