Linda Wiens

Senior Associate
Linda(at), 847-548-4062 x13

Linda with cherriesLinda has over 30 years of successful experience in designing and delivering seminars, workshops and conferences; providing meeting facilitation, team building, consultations, coaching and mentoring; and supporting organizational start-ups, turn-arounds, transitions and transformations through strategic planning and sound implementation of plans.

Based on her work in organizational effectiveness in Canada and the U.S., she founded the Prairie Crossing Institute in 2001 and served as its executive director. In 2010 the Institute became part of the Liberty Prairie Foundation. Linda now serves as senior associate for special projects and works at the Liberty Prairie Foundation in a part-time capacity.

Linda is primarily responsible for managing the community garden, leading lifelong learning workshops in home cooking and preserving, conducting the annual Prairie Crossing Guiding Principles Survey, maintaining the fruit orchard at the Prairie Crossing Farm, and other special projects. Those projects include some H.R. and administrative tasks; occasional leadership, team building and strategic planning facilitation; and helping with a variety of educational activities. She is also a very happy volunteer maintaining Prairie Crossing’s edible landscape nearby, and in the community at large.

Born in Germany, Linda is a Canadian citizen who first came here as a consultant to the Prairie Crossing developers, Prairie Holdings Corporation, and found herself surprised to accept a job offer after retiring as CEO of her previous organization in Northwestern Ontario. She is a world traveler and is now studying to add Spanish as her third language.

Contact Linda regarding the Prairie Crossing Farm’s community gardens at linda(at) or 847-548-4062 x13. Her office is located at the Green Farmhouse.