Bill Pogson

Facilities and Grounds Manager
Bill(at), 847-548-4062 x20

BillBill has worked at the Liberty Prairie Foundation and the former Prairie Holdings Corporation since 2005. His work experience includes manufacturing, consulting, commercial property and liability insurance, heavy steel erection, and organic pesticide analysis. Bill holds a B.A. in Business Administration from George Washington University.

Bill is primarily responsible for facilities and grounds management, equipment repair and maintenance, the Farm Business Development Center, and the Prairie Crossing environmental stewardship contract. However, the wide and unpredictable variety of tasks that routinely come his way all benefit from the broad work exposures of his past.

Bill works for the Liberty Prairie Foundation in a part-time capacity. He also runs a successful handyman business and works contractually with a local landscape service to provide a fee-based environmentally friendly turf maintenance program for individual Prairie Crossing homeowners. The program provides nutrients needed for a healthy lawn, but that are not detrimental to the unique Prairie Crossing stormwater system that utilizes bioswales, wetlands, and lakes rather than a traditional sewer-based stormwater system.

Bill can be reached at bill(at) or 847-548-4062 x20. His office is located at the Yellow Farmhouse.